Diliman Doctors Hospital Online Pre-Screening Health Assessment

This Online Health Assessment Form intends to expedite the process of Pre-Screening prior to patient's consultation or availment of ancillary procedures.

The online form needs to be filled out accurately and truthfully by the patient and companion.  RA 11332, Section 9, Letter D, states that anyone caught declaring false information (written or verbal) will be punishable by law.

The cut-off time in accomplishing Online Pre-Screening Health Assessment Form for the following day is 12:00 midnight.

Patient and companion should bring with them a screenshot or copy of the email confirmation together with a valid ID to be presented to the Main Lobby Guard.  Thermal scanning will then follow. 

Once the patient is cleared by the Triage, he can then proceed to Pre-Consultation.

If patient and companion were not able to completely fill out the Online Pre-Screening Health Assessment Form or meet the cut-off time, they will still be accommodated following the usual pre-screening process.

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Musculoskeletal Imaging Webinar

Musculoskeletal Imaging Webinar

Diliman Doctors Hospital Department of Radiology is inviting all Radiologic Technologists to join our FREE webinar on Musculoskeletal Imaging Webinar, entitled "Anatomy and Common Pathologies of the Joints" on June 11, 2021, 7:00 PM.

Speaker:  Dr. Rafael S. Joson

Thank you!

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